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Preparing for College

Build Your Resume

  • Join Organizations and Get Involved in Your School and Community
  • There is a Difference Between a Member and an Active Member
  • Volunteer and Gain Community Service Hours
  • Keep Track of All Your Involvement With a Running Resume and Add to It
  • Institutions Love to See Well Rounded Students

Keep Your Grades Up

  • Automatic Acceptance – Top 10% for Public Institutions in Texas (Except for The University of Texas at Austin)
  • Most Institutions with a December 1st Application Deadline Will Only Look at Grades from 9th – 11th Grade
  • Take a Challenging Course Load
  • Most Scholarships Look at Your Transcript to Determine Eligibility and Awarding

Hone Your Writing Skills

  • Most Institutions Require Essays
  • Most Take Spelling and Grammar Into Consideration
  • Answer the Prompt
  • Remember to be Professional with Communication to Admissions Representatives

Explore Your Interests and Develop Your Skills

  • Find Out What You’re Interested in and See if That’s an Area You’d Like to Study
  • Take More Courses in That Subject Area
  • Find Job Shadowing Opportunities, Internships, Jobs, etc. in Related Field

Do Your Research

  • Visit Institution Websites
  • Visit Campus
  • Attend Presentations in Your Area
  • Cast a Wide Net and See What Institutions Fit You Best

Test Before Your Senior Year

  • Take Practice Exams to Gauge Your Level of Preparedness
  • Take Both the SAT and ACT (if possible)
  • Send Scores to Institutions of Interest
  • TSI Exam or Exemptions


  • Build Relationships with Teachers, Counselors, Principals, Supervisors, etc. They Will Be The Ones to Write Letters of Recommendation on Your Behalf
  • Take Ownership of Your Education and Ask for Help if you Need It

Take Initiative

  • You are Responsible for Your Path to Higher Education – Not Your Parents, Teachers, Counselors, etc.