` Bylaws – STAR Network


Each institution with a designated admission representative for the South Texas region has made a commitment towards the recruitment of high school and/or community college students. The purpose of our network is to support each institutions current recruitment efforts and continued investment within the region, while serving as a vehicle for admissions counselors to network with others for professional development, access to network resources and enhanced knowledge of their assigned territory.


It is the mission of the South Texas Area Recruitment Network to connect students, parents, high school counselors, and community college counselors to higher education professionals, financial resources and recruitment opportunities within the South Texas region.



The official name of this recruitment organization is South Texas Area Recruitment Network (STAR Network) (STARN).


The purposes of this organization are the following:

  1. To provide each member of the organization with opportunities to counsel students for post-secondary education.
  2. To provide high school and transfer counselors with the opportunity to learn more about the post-secondary admissions process through updates and information sessions.
  3. To provide support to new admissions representatives that begin their recruitment efforts in the South Texas area, as well as continued support for seasoned professionals.
  4. To offer guidance and insight to any college/university that is considering adding a regional representative in the South Texas area.
  5. To encourage participation in professional organizations such as TACAC/NACAC that may be related to our field of work.



Members of this organization are paid admissions representatives who work for a non-profit regionally accredited, two or four year college/university. Additionally, the member either holds offices in the South Texas area or holds an area of South Texas as their primary recruitment territory.

The South Texas region is defined as the following counties: Cameron, Willacy, Hidalgo, Starr, Zapata, Jim Hogg, Brooks, Kenedy, Kleberg, Nueces, Jim Wells, Duval, Webb, Dimmit, La Salle, McMullen, Live Oak, Bee, Refugio, San Patricio and Aransas.



This organization requires a $25 annual membership per institution. There are no restriction as to how many members participate within the institution. However, each institution must designate one primary representative. This representative will be responsible for attending regularly scheduled meetings, acting as the liaison to their respective institution and renewing the institutions membership.


Each institution that is a member of the South Texas Area Recruitment Network will be provided with the following membership benefits:

  • Participation in events coordinated by the network, which will be guaranteed to include, but not limited to:
    • College Fairs – 10 during the Fall semester, 10 during the Spring semester
    • Annual High School/Transfer Counselor Update
    • Summer College Boot Camps (3)
  • Admissions representative profile and reference guide for each representative of member institution
  • Exclusive access to a detailed event calendar on the network website
  • Inclusion in the directory listing on the network website for all representatives in the territory
  • Access to regularly updated contacts in the high school and community college counselor database
  • Free advertising and institutional promotion opportunities on the network website and monthly newsletter
  • Professional development opportunities and activities throughout the year
  • Participation in leadership roles through the executive board and sub committees within the organization


The $25.00 membership fee per institution will be used towards the following expenses:

  • Website
  • High School / Transfer Counselor Update
  • Summer College Boot Camps
  • Accounting Fees
  • PO Box



The leadership of the South Texas Area Recruitment Network will be established through an Executive Board and sub committees. Each member from a paying institution will have the opportunity for run for election into the Executive Board on a yearly basis.

Each July, members will have an opportunity to make the organization aware of their intent to run for a specific position and elections will take place during the August monthly meeting. STAR Network chairs are elected by electronic ballot during the August meeting and members are voted in for a one-year term of service. Newly elected members will begin their term on September 1st. Terms of service run from September 1 through August 31. A transition meeting is required to be held between the outgoing and incoming Executive Board before the new term begins on September 1st.


  • President
    • Preside at all STAR Network membership meetings
    • Preside over Executive Board meetings
    • Serve as point of contact for individuals interested in joining the STAR Network
    • Lead the Summer College Boot Camp Series & assign committee members
  • Vice President
    • Assist the Chairperson/President
    • Lead the STAR Network Counselor Update
    • Update & maintain the STAR Network membership database
    • Facilitate the organization of committees and volunteers
  • Communication Chair
    • Take minutes at all meetings
    • Provide the minutes of the last meeting to all members
    • Document attendance
    • Create flyer for Boot Camp, Counselor Update & any other STAR Network events
    • Disseminate flyers for events to counselors
  • Treasurer
    • Manage the STAR Network bank account along with Chair & Vice Chair
    • Gather annual dues
    • Set up & maintain appropriate systems for book-keeping & payments
    • Work with Community Outreach Chair to handle any donations to the STAR Network
  • Outreach Coordinator (Upper Valley)
    • Work with Counselors at schools from Weslaco-Roma to set up STAR Network fairs
    • Place all upper valley visits (STARN & Non-STARN) on sign up genius in a timely manner
    • Work with Vice Chair to ensure all counselor contacts in the upper valley are kept up to date
  • Outreach Coordinator (Lower Valley)
    • Work with Counselors at schools from Mercedes-Brownsville to set up STAR Network fairs
    • Place all lower valley visits (STARN & Non-STARN) on sign up genius in a timely manner
    • Work with Vice Chair to ensure all counselor contacts in the lower valley are kept up to date
  • Technology Chair
    • Create & maintain STAR Network website
    • Create a calendar on the website for high school counselors
    • Create a possible replacement for Sign Up Genius on website
    • Maintain all social media outlets
    • Work with treasure to pay appropriate costs for website
  • Social Chair
    • Recognize birthdays for STAR Network members
    • Plan and implement holiday and possible end of year celebrations
    • Develop proposals for any new social events for STAR Network members (Bowling, Summer BBQ, Painting etc.)
  • Community Outreach Chair
    • Promote the STAR Network to other educational entities such as Region 1, Gear-Up, Talent Search etc.
    • Work to try and receive donations for Summer College Boot Camps
    • Update & maintain the counselor contact database


If a chair resigns or leaves the organization during their term of office, the remaining members of the Executive Board will open the position for nominations. The Executive Board will then appoint a replacement for the remainder of the year.


Executive Board members can decide to appoint or ask for subcommittee members if they feel that they would like assistance with any of their duties or to provide additional professional development opportunities for other STAR Network members. No minimum or maximum amount of subcommittee members will be required.


The STAR Network organization will hold monthly meetings to discuss the progress of yearly initiatives such as college fairs, counselor update & summer boot camps. The Executive Board will also meet on a quarterly basis at minimum to discuss items related to the leadership of the organization.


Each institution will be required to send at least one of their representatives to at least 25% (4) of the meetings that will be held yearly by the STAR Network. If the institution feels that they cannot attend the minimum required meetings, they are to inform the Executive Board. The Executive Board will then vote on a decision as to whether or not that institution can continue as a member of the STAR Network.


The STAR Network subscribes to the Statement of Principles of Good Practices of NACAC


By-laws may be amended at membership meetings by a majority quorum vote.

STAR Network By-Laws presented to all voting members for approval on 2/24/17