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Admissions 101

  • The ApplyTexas Application opens up on July 1st for most participating schools
  • You will first need to create a account profile which consists of your biographical Information.
  • You will then be given the option of which universities you would like to apply to, as well as what majors you would like to apply to.
  • Majors vary by school, so check with each representative to find out what majors are offered.
  • Application deadlines vary by school, so check with each representative to find out their deadline!
  • Expanded Resume*: Separate from the resume that is online at ApplyTexas.  Includes all of your awards, achievements and accomplishments that you have received since your Freshman year. All of the accomplishments should be included to display your Academic and Extracurricular accomplishments.
    • *Not all schools require letters of recommendation
  • Letters of Recommendation: A letter from an individual that is familiar with your academic skill and that can inform us of how you will perform at the next level. At least 3 Letters are recommended for submission.
  • Some schools will charge a fee for their admissions application.
  • However, if you received a Fee Waiver for the SAT/ACT Exam, then you might be eligible to have your application fee waived!
  • If you have any questions about Fee Waiver eligibility, contact your high school counselor.
  • Application 
  • High School Records
    • Transcript: High School Diploma/GED
  • Test Scores
    • Test Scores: TSI
    • TSI Exempt: EOC- STAAR/TAKS, ACT and SAT
  • Meningitis Vaccination
    • As per state law, all new and returning students under the age of 22 must provide a record showing proof of Bacterial Meningitis vaccination.
  • Additional Requirements
    • Some programs may require a separate application and admission criteria, in addition to the university admission process. They may require any of the following:
      • Holistic reviews
      • Higher score requirement
      • Higher rank requirement
      • Interview process
      • Auditions
      • Additional deadlines

Find out whether or not the school you are applying to requires test scores to be sent directly from the testing agency or from the back of your HS Transcript.

  • TSI – Placement exam. Computer-based exam.
  • EOC-TAKS/STAAR – High school Exit-Level Exams.
  • Course Placement and College Readiness
    • Placement and Entrance Exams not only determine what classes students are eligible to take, they identify whether students are “College Ready.”

Avoid questions such as:

  • What is this?
  • Do you have Medical?
  • How great are your programs?
  • How much Financial Aid can I get from your school?
  • Why should I go to your school?
  • Is it hard to get into your school?


Ask questions such as:

  • What kind of research opportunities do you offer?
  • What is your student to teacher ratio?
  • What kind of extracurricular organizations/activities do you offer?
  • Do you offer on campus housing?
  • When is your application deadline?


During College Fairs, it’s important to ask college representatives the right questions!